Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes

Welcome to A H M 531's lecture notes section, in this section you can find lecture notes scaned directly from students note books, converted to PDF file and placed here.

All the materials available on this page were archived into seperate pages according to subject. In the archive you can find lecture notes that were taken in previous semesters, check each subject on the left to see the available notes.

These notes are written by students, and the names of doctors assigned to each indicate the doctor's lecture that these notes were given at.


Hydraulics (first 2006/2007)
Instructor: Hanan Shaban

Introduction to open channel flow and the Energy equations 3.88 MB
The force equation 3.14 MB
Gradually Varied Flow 1.78 MB
Integration of Varied flow 2.12 MB
Similarity and Dimensional Analysis 4.24 MB
Pumps 3.25 MB

Instructor: Nabil Khairi

Steady flow in open channels 4.23 MB
Varied flow 4.77 MB
Flow applications 2.96 MB
Similitude and Models 2.10 MB